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Teach Second Language Vocabulary
with Influent

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Groups of Words

It can be easier to learn new words if the words are closely related to one another, such as objects in a certain room!

Teacher Resources

  • Theory: Vocabulary for the kitchen and classroom notes game.
  • Play: Students continue playing Influent and improve their vocabulary.
  • Share & Discuss: These questions focus on learning new words in a foreign language.

Vocab: Kitchen

Do you know these words in the language you are learning?

  • Sink
  • Cookie
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Trash can
  • Plate

Gameplay screenshot

Teacher Resources

All of the vocabulary on this slide is featured in-game.

Image Source: Kitchen, Pixabay.

Classroom Notes Game: Adjectives

For this game, each student needs sticky notes and a pen. This game has three phases:

  1. While sitting in your seat, look around your classroom. How many adjectives can you name in the language you are learning? Write down up to 5 adjectives. Write only a single word on each sticky note.
  2. Once everyone is done, stick each note on the right object.
  3. Walk around the classroom, reading the notes. Did you learn something new? Are all of the notes correct?

Gameplay screenshot

Teacher Resources

This game also works well as a group activity. Make sure the students write adjectives, they might not otherwise!

Image Source: Classroom, Pixabay.


Lesson Goal

Play Influent!

Complete these goals:

  • Collect at least 15 words in the kitchen
  • Collect and time attack at least 10 adjectives and verbs
Show Notes

To unlock adjectives and verbs, you need stars. Stars are earned by mastering words in time attack. For example: earn stars, click on the refrigerator and unlock the adjective "cold".

  • Collect at least 15 words in the bedroom
  • Master at least a total of 30 words
  • Complete the following 3 tasks (press E to see to-do list):
  1. A Perfect 10
  2. Speed Demon
  3. Read Demon

Gameplay screenshot

Share & Discuss

Share & Discuss

  • Which words did you learn? Continue your list from the last lesson and write down as many as you can remember.
  • Did you find any verbs and adjectives in the game? Write down any that you found!
  • Compare words you've written down with a classmate. Write down words missing from your list!