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Teach Writing Fractions
with Diffission

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Learn to play Diffission, a fraction puzzle game! Play the game's endless mode.

Teacher Resources

  • Theory: This lesson introduces your students to fractions and the fraction puzzle game Diffission.
  • Play: Students play the game at their own pace.
  • Share & Discuss: These questions focus on the playing experience and fractions.

How Do Fractions Work?

  • A fraction means part of a whole. The whole is defined as 1.
  • The fraction 13\frac{1}{3} means you have a single third. You need three thirds (33\frac{3}{3} ) to have a whole.

Gameplay screenshot

Gameplay screenshot

Gameplay screenshot

Teacher Resources

It can be a great idea to go over the images: what fraction does each pie diagram represent?

Use your own sources and the ones below to teach students about fractions and related concepts:


Image Source (top): Fraction Circles Shaded, Wikimedia Commons.


Lesson Goal

Play Diffission!

Gameplay screenshot

How to Play

To begin playing, click the screen.

Gameplay screenshot

Gameplay Tips

  • Slice fractions into smaller pieces until you have the right number of pieces (as displayed at the left bottom corner of the screen).
  • In every level, you need to make equal pieces of each separate piece. They can have a different shape, but they must have the same number of squares.
  • You must click on as many pieces as the numerator of the right number of pieces is to solve a level.
  • If you have a problem with a level and need to restart, click on the reload icon at the top left corner.

Share & Discuss

Share & Discuss

  • What did you think of Diffission?
  • How far along did you get?
  • Was there any puzzle that was really difficult for you? Which one?
  • Did you have any trouble playing the game?

Tasks after Playing

Which fraction is the image below?

Show Notes

24\frac{2}{4} (two quarters).

Gameplay screenshot

Explain what a numerator is.

Show Notes

The numerator is the top number of a fraction. It simply means how many units of the fraction you have: 25\frac{2}{5} (numerator: 2), 34\frac{3}{4} (numerator: 3).

Explain what a denominator is.

Show Notes

The denominator is the bottom number of a fraction. It means how many units of a fraction are necessary to have a whole: 14\frac{1}{4} (denominator: 4), 49\frac{4}{9} (denominator: 9).

Additional Tasks

How would you write these fractions: one third, two quarters, four fifths.

Show Notes

13\frac{1}{3}, 24\frac{2}{4}, 45\frac{4}{5}.

What is the difference between 4/4 and 6/6?

Show Notes

Technically, nothing at all: they are both wholes (a 1). This is a trick question. If they would not be wholes, they would not be equal: 34\frac{3}{4} is not the same as 36\frac{3}{6} . Still, 24\frac{2}{4} and 36\frac{3}{6} are the same amount! More on fraction comparison in the next lesson.