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Learning a New Language

Get to know Influent, the game for building your vocabulary in a foreign language!

Teacher Resources

  • Theory: The 100 most frequent words in a language and classroom notes activity.
  • Play: Students get to know Influent, a language learning game that focuses on vocabulary.
  • Share & Discuss: These questions focus on learning new words in a foreign language.

Top 100 Words

  • When you start to learn a new language, it's a good idea to take a look at the 100 most common words.
  • These top 100 words can account for as much as 40-60% of all communication. That's how common they are!
  • Learning the top 100 usually happens naturally, because they are so frequent.

Teacher Resources

Classroom Notes Game

For this game, each student needs sticky notes and a pen. This game has three phases:

  1. While sitting in your seat, look around your classroom. How many things can you name in the language you are learning? Write down up to 5 nouns. Write only a single word on each sticky note. Remember - write down objects, not the names of your classmates!
  2. Once everyone is done, stick each note on the right object.
  3. Walk around the classroom, reading the notes. Did you learn something new? Are all of the notes correct?

Gameplay screenshot

Teacher Resources

This game also works well as a group activity. Make sure the students write nouns, they might not otherwise!

Image Source: Classroom, Pixabay.


Lesson Goal

Play Influent!

Complete these goals:

  • Collect at least 40 words
  • Master at least 10 words
Show Notes

To master a word, press Q and play time attack mode (click on the "Time Attack" button at the bottom). Playing time attack successfully lets you master words - you will know a word is mastered when the symbol next to them in the word list changes to a star.

  • Play time attack 4 times (press Q to access time attack mode)
  • Open the refrigerator

Gameplay screenshot

Game Controls

  • Use the W, A, S and D keys to control your character.
  • There are two camera modes: first-person and third-person. Press tab to swap between them. Use whichever you prefer!
  • Left-click on objects to see what they are in the foreign language.
  • Double-click on objects and click on the plus button to add the word to your collected words.
  • To open doors and containers, right-click on them.
  • To access the word list menu, press Q on your keyboard. Once you have opened the word list menu, click on the "time attack" button at the bottom to practice words and advance the game.

Gameplay screenshot

Share & Discuss

Share & Discuss

  • How many words did you collect? How many did you master?
  • Which words did you learn? Write down as many as you can remember.
  • Was some of the rooms missing a word you would have liked to learn? Look up those words now and write them down.
  • Compare words you've written down with a classmate. Write down words missing from your list!