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Teach Pattern Recognition & Sorting
with Kids Preschool Learning Games

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Pattern Recognition & Sorting

What symbol comes next?


Teacher Resources

  • Theory: This lesson focuses on the playing experience.
  • Play: Students get to play educational games, including learning patterns.
  • Share & Discuss: This phase allows your students to discuss their playing experience.


Lesson Goal

Gameplay screenshot.

Tell the students that the goal of this study moment is to try to get as many stars from the minigames as possible.

Please note that 2 stars might be the realistic expectation for kids under preschool age, with errors and time lowering the actual score - not even adults get always full three points.

While playing, you can make mental notes what types of exercises are hard for kids. This helps to build up a picture of the learning capabilities of the child and even lead to the diagnosis of possible learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. Most of the cases, the best medicine is just extra training.

How to Play

To start playing, select any of the minigames by tapping them. Hold to scroll and see all available games.

Gameplay screenshot

Share & Discuss

Share & Discuss

  • Did everyone get 3 stars? What awards did the game give you?
  • What was the funniest game?
  • What kind of shapes were hardest to spot?